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Nihon Denshi Seiki Co., Ltd. was founded in 1973. Since our earliest years, we have made every effort to innovate products in the electronics field in line with the changing technological environment. Nihon Denshi Seiki Co. has a long history of accumulating technology through ordering manufacturing and sales of printing devices for commercial printing. Beginning 13 years ago, we created products for printing electronics utilizing transfer technology from our accumulated technological expertise. We also entered into the development, manufacturing and sales business of test printing machines.

In addition to manufacturing high-quality products and providing applied products and services that make use of our basic technologies, we also have a strong research and development focus to create new products. We listen to our customers on a daily basis, incorporating this feedback into our R & D activity. Our entire team strives to work closely with our customers, respond quickly when the market environment changes and follow industry trends.

Masanori Maruno
Chief Executive Officer
Nihon Denshi Seiki Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Company Name Nihon Denshi Seiki Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Chairman Norio Maruno
President and CEO Masanori Maruno
Head Office 46-1 Ryōfukuji, Kashiba, Nara 639-0235, Japan
TEL. 0745-77-6951 FAX. 0745-77-6950
Katsuragi Factory, Shimane Office North Building, Techno-arc SHIMANE, 1 Hokuryo-cho, Matsue, Shimane
TEL. 0745-48-0015 FAX. 0745-48-5208
Established 1973 September
Capital 10 million yen (as of the end of May 2016)
Main Business Activity Various fine printing devices in printable electronics.
Production of photosensitive resin plate material "JemFlex".
Alternative solvent "Lunasolve II" / printing member "Uniply, mount stick".
Various precision fine printing devices / complete set of photosensitive resin plate making devices / chemical products "jemgelee".
Organization Structure Sales Department / Technology Sales Department / Engineering Department / Development Department / Quality Assurance Department / Manufacturing Department / Molding Department / Chemical Products Division / Accounting Department
Bank Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (Nara Branch)
Mizuho Bank (Yao Branch)
Kansai Urban Bank (Kashihara Branch)
Nanto Bank (Takata Honcho Branch)
Osaka Higashi Shinkin Bank (Kokubu Branch)
Number of patents acquired 38

Subsidiary Company

Company Name Jem International Co., Ltd.
Address 148-1 Hyōge, Katsuragi, Nara 639-2154
TEL. 0745-48-0015 FAX. 0745-48-5208
Main Business Activity Sales of photosensitive resin plates for printing and sales of related materials.
Manufacture of pharmaceuticals, quasi drugs, and cosmetics.
All business incidental to the above.
Organization Structure Overseas Sales Department / Chemical Products Division
Bank Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (Nara Branch)
Kansai Urban Bank (Kashihara Branch)
Nanto Bank (Takata Honcho Branch)

Company History

1973 September

Nihon Denshi Seiki Co., Ltd. established.

1977 August

Business expansion. Head office and factory moved to Kashibun market in Kashihara-shi, Osaka.

1979 June

Development and production of flexo printing machine.

1983 June

Business expansion. Nara Toma factory established.

1984 May

Production of photosensitive resin plate "Lunaflex". Completed flexo printing total system from plate making to printing

1987 March

Business expansion. Relocated headquarters to Ryofukuji, Kashiba City, Nara Prefecture.

1994 September

Production of new photosensitive resin plate material "Jem plate" for printing plate for flexographic printing.

2000 April

Start investigation of possibilities for printable electronics business.

2002 April

Started production of ultra-precision letterpress micro printer for liquid crystal.

2003 March

Started production of UV curing micro printer.

2003 May

Started development of precision coating equipment.

2003 October

Roll-to-roll continuous micro-printer production started.
Subsidiary company Jem International Co., Ltd. established overseas sales department.
Toma factory renamed as Katsuragi factory.

2005 April

Started rebuilding the Katsuragi plant and installed a clean room.

2005 July

Enhancement of the production capacity of flexo printing plate: "Jem plate".

2005 October

Fine print test center and showroom opened at Katsuragi Plant B.

2005 November

Started development and sales of high performance film.

2006 April

Joint development of NEDO business started.

2006 May

Started development of fine printing device for color filters etc.

2006 August

Started development of organic EL related fine printing device

2006 September

Started development of solar panel related fine printing device.

2006 October

Glass pattern transfer micro printer production started.

2007 March

Acquired cosmetic manufacturing permit.

2007 August

Started production of letterpress micro printing system.

2007 September

Glass pattern transfer micro printing device production start ・ G5 size (1100mm x 1350mm).

2007 October

Acquired cosmetic manufacturing and marketing license.
Started production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics in Katsuragi factory A.
Changed registered trademark to "JemFlex" photosensitive resin plate material for printing plate for flexographic printing.
Started production of micro printer for solar panel.

2008 February

Started production of fine printing equipment for organic transistors.

2008 March

Started production of micro printer for organic EL.

2008 April

Glass pattern transfer micro printing device production start ・ G6 size (1500mm x 1850mm).
New chemical product manufacturing equipment installation.

2008 May

Printing equipment general exhibition "Drupa" exhibition.

2009 February

Headquarters, Katsuragi factory, acquired ISO9001 certification